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Using Memrise Application
« on: May 02, 2017, 05:20:13 AM »
Memrise is a computer/mobile vocabulary learning application that features thousand of courses representing over 200 languages. And this is completely free!

This is an excellent tool as it provides so much content that if you have students from various countries represented in a classroom, they can learn English vocabulary by taking a memrise mini-course through their first language. The application is also incredibly useful as it uses Spaced Repetition so that learners are constantly being reminded of previously learned vocab at a pace that allows them to store those word into their long term memory. Best of all, it is fun, unlike long vocab lists most teachers hand out to students. Pictures, translations, and words used in sentences are all available in these courses and students can save words they want to continue practicing or even use the flashcard feature to create their own lists.

This flashcard feature is very useful for teachers since they can import all of their lesson's vocabulary and have students go online and make it a fun game rather than rote memorization from a book's list or ws.