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Post-reading Assessement
« on: May 02, 2017, 11:44:26 PM »
A good post-reading activity will check for several elements:
retention of information, comprehension of the information, and ability to share retained and understood information.

So depending on which element you want to assess, you may make slightly different activities. the one I like to focus on, since it is easier to turn into a game for students is the retention of information. One activity I like to give students is a group summarizing activity. In groups of 2-3, have students write down a single piece of information they remember from a previously seen text. Then have them pass this piece of information to another group, who in turn must add an extra piece of information. After doing this for a few minutes, have the students read out loud what they have written, and see if there is still anything missing, and if the summary is still comprehensible.

A slight change that can make it more interesting is if you follow the "Think-Pair-Share" student interaction, and maybe have students first individually summarize what the text was about, then have them get together in groups of two and compare each others' summary to see if they missed anything, and finally to share what they found with the rest of the class and see if they can find a pattern in what was forgotten, and why they tend to forget that type of information.

Summarizing can help them figure out what information is most relevant in the text, and use that knowledge the next time they have to read a similar text.
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