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Writing Advertisements for Wizarding Wares
« on: March 05, 2018, 05:22:08 PM »
Here’s an creative writing idea with a focus on descriptive writing/adjectives.

Writing Ads for Wizarding Wares

Purpose of Activity: To engage students in creative writing activity with a focus on descriptive adjectives.

Background information: Examine written ads. Discuss use of adjectives, and point out that ads don’t always contain complete sentences. Sometimes short phrases or even single words can stand alone.

Description of Activity:
In this activity, students will choose a Harry Potter-themed noun (wand, robe, candy, book, broom, owl, magical herb or plant, mirror, elf, food, school of magic, dungeon, bank, etc.) and create a new variety of that object/place to advertise. To develop their advertisement, they will begin by describing an existing item in as much detail as possible. Then they will use comparative or superlative language to create an ad for an “even better” version.To explain the assignment, begin by modeling the activity. For example:

1) Tell students that you have developed a new invisibility cloak that you are going to write an advertisement for.

2) Begin by writing what you remember about the cloak in Harry Potter. For example:
  • Great for hiding and sneaking around
  • Covers up to three people
  • Shining, silvery cloth that looks like woven water
3) Then explain how you researched more information about invisibility cloaks from Harry Potter websites, such as or Share that you learned that most invisibility cloaks are made from the hair of a magical creature who has the power to become invisible. Most cloaks wear out over time as the hair becomes opaque, or after they have counter charms placed on them.  Based on that information, add to your notes:
  • Made from hair of magical creature
  • Wears out; doesn’t work as well as time goes on
4) Say, “Now I’ll look at my notes about invisibility cloaks and think about why the one I’m advertising is better. I know! I can make it larger so that it covers more people. I can also make a cloak that comes in lots of colors. And my cloak can last a lot longer than the original cloaks. And mine will be made from extra soft hair so it won't feel scratchy on your skin.”

5) Model writing your ad, using a think-aloud approach as you write to emphasize comparative words like, “larger than…”, “comes in more colors”, “sturdier”, “lasts longer…”.  Also call attention to the fact that ads are composed of short phrases that are often *not* complete sentences. For example, your final ad might say:
  • Try the NEW, IMPROVED invisibility cloak from Linda’s Laboratories! The cloak is larger. Can cover up to 10 people! Tired of silver cloaks? More colors available! Choose your favorite! And best of all, this cloak is sturdier. Lasts much longer than the original cloak. Made from the softest hair!  Order your beautiful, magical, amazing cloak today! Just 10 sickles and 15 knuts!
6) Tell students that they can (should!) also add pictures to their ads.

7) Finally, have students work with a partner to write an advertisement for a wizarding object or location of their choice.

Have fun!
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Re: Writing Advertisements for Wizarding Wares
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2018, 02:26:59 PM »

This is a very thorough lesson plan! I like how you added using comparative/superlative language as well instead of only focusing on descriptive language! This gives teachers a chance to recycle it if taught earlier. I think, I'll visit that post in the future if I am to teach Harry Potter. :redstar