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Google Doc Patronus Exploration Activity
« on: March 06, 2018, 03:02:57 PM »

This activity is a way for students to get a feel for doing some research, learning about animals, and getting some writing/reading/ oral presentation practice.

[TIME] - For a class size of 15, I'd estimate for about two 50 minute classes. Consider spacing the days out so students have time to finish their mini-presentations.

Materials Needed:
Computers W/ Internet

Preparation - Teacher's should create a google doc. In that doc, teachers should add a table with all their student's names and get a shareable link of the doc for their students. Students SHOULD NOT be logged into their google accounts when they enter the document.

Day 1: Research

Students will discover their "google patronus" by clicking on the document link provided by the teacher and seeing what anonymous animal they are given. Some of these animals are common and some are very obscure, which is awesome because everyone will learn SOMETHING new! By gliding their cursor over their animal at the top, students should be able to find out what their animal is and write the animal name down in the table on docs beside their name.

Now, students need to research their animals. Here are some animal related resources that students can look into:
Encyclopedia of life:

Some Guiding Questions for students, but certainly not the only things they can include:
1) Have you ever heard of your patronus animal before (is it common?). If so, what knowledge do you already have regarding it?
2) What environment does your animal inhabit?
3) Is your animal endangered?
4) What does your animal usually eat? What do they not eat?
5) What is your animal's temperament?
6) What is unique about your animal? Do you have a similar unique trait? What does it say about you?
7) Does your animal seem to belong to a specific Hogwarts house? If so, which one? Why?

After students have made significant headway into their research, teachers should give them about 5-10 minutes to discuss some of their findings with a fellow classmate. They should be encouraged to share websites they may have found that has relevant information for their classmate. This would be a good opportunity for a peer review activity, especially if students have already begun creating their presentation visual. Teachers may do a guided peer review activity if they chose.

Homework - Finish researching and create presentation visual.

Day 2: Presentation

Students should be given about 5 minutes each to present their patronus animal! In a 50 minute class, there won't be much time to ask questions. One idea is to give students a comment sheet for 1 or 2 particular students that they are in charge of giving feedback. The sheet could include, for example:

What is the student doing well in terms of oral presentation? What improvements can they make for the future?
Leave one positive comment on the visual presentation. Leave one constructive comment.

Alternative to presentation-

For students who may be too shy to present in front of class, or if you cannot afford to do this activity over two days, you can give students the following alternative writing assignment:

Think of a situation in which you would have to call upon your patronus. How would calling your patronus assist you? What would happen once you summoned it? Considering these questions, write a short story of 3 pages in which you describe this potential situation and the resolution to the event as a result of calling your patronus.

Teachers should collect comment sheets and check that all feedback is appropriate before handing them to the student.

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