Author Topic: A Tech Tool for improving reading comprehension.  (Read 399 times)

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A Tech Tool for improving reading comprehension.
« on: April 21, 2018, 12:40:26 PM »
Rewordify [/size] is a free online tool that helps improve students’ reading comprehension in multiple ways. [/font]
when a text is copied into a text box on the site, Rewordify  analyzes this text, looking for words and phrases that may be difficult to understand. Once the site locates difficult or problematic language, it replaces it with simpler words to aid students’ understanding. The Rewordifying Engine includes multiple settings so that users can choose from several reading levels.  Users can click on the replacement words to display either the original, more difficult language or individual words’ definitions (in a variety of forms — in the margins, in separate columns, or superimposed over the initial version of the text).[/size][/font]
Students also have the option of reading the original and replaced words with built-in text-to-speech functionality for auditory reinforcement.[/size][/font]
After Rewordify identifies the difficult words and phrases, it provides students with a series of activities to help them learn new vocabulary. One way it does this is by collecting troublesome text in a series of flashcards (which also offer integrated text-to-speech). The site can also administer quizzes in different formats (e.g., word bank, matching) to aid in the learning process.
Finally, Rewordify has a collection of classic literature (like Shakespeare’s plays) and historic documents (like the Declaration of Independence) that students can access, read, and better understand by using the site’s unique comprehension tools. [/size][/font]