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Halloween Themed Reading Material
« on: April 23, 2018, 12:37:46 PM »
I found this article about how to prove ghosts, vampires and zombies are myths. It is relatively easy to read. It is academic, and it can apply to a lot of the reading and writing lessons. Depending on which part of the curriculum I was at around the Halloween season, I have used this article as supplemental material in my Summary lesson, Formal Outlining lesson, Scanning and Skimming lesson.

For a summary lesson, I did a jigsaw activity where I assigned students into groups of 3. They will read the introduction together and write 1 sentence about the thesis statement of the paper as a whole. After that, each group member will be responsible to read 1 section of the paper, and summarize it into 2-3 sentences. After that, students will combine their summary of each section, and write them into a full summary of the article. It was fun because students are reading something related to what they are interested in during that season. When they combine their summaries from each section, they actually were curious about what each section was about. It worked well.

The article is very well-structured so I also used it as a reverse engineering activity in my outlining lesson. Here is a sample outline for the paper. It can also be used as a supplemental material for scanning and skimming lessons. However, the instructor should consider the level of students' language competences. My students, who are undergraduate freshmen in ESL context, had trouble applying the skill of scanning and skimming into this paper. Maybe more training and scaffolding should have been given before I gave them the long scary paper.