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Cool Blog
« on: April 24, 2018, 12:04:01 PM »

I have always thought about helping my students write comics. I feel like there are so many elements included in this type of writing and also, kids love it! So, I was usually printing a template and then let them free with their imagination but I never felt quite happy with the RESULTS. I have always found teachers' blogs useful to read a little bit more about different topics and surfing the net I found this awesome blog by Michael Corley who explains in detail HOW TO LEARN OUR KIDS TO WRITE A COMIC IN 7 STEPS! How cool is that?
In the site, you can find a short explanation about how comics are important to your student's writing learning process and there is also a video with some samples.
Then, he gives you a list with the materials to build a COMIC which I find extremely useful because then, you might ask the parents to prepare the materials at the beginning of the semester.  There are beautiful illustrations in each one of the steps with some comic drawings students made that could be used in your own classroom to explain the process.
The explanations are very simple to understand and you can also use them as a READING task if you want to integrate that skills in the pre-writing process.

As I said before, it is always useful when a colleague creates these sites that just make our lives easier! :redstar :redstar