Author Topic: Check out Like right now. Go do it. It's very cool.  (Read 3116 times)

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Just a short post to recommend the site

Type in a word or familiar short phrase and the site will instantly pull up many (many, many) youtube clips where speakers say the particular word in context. (Subtitles are shown, too.) It's a great way for students to hear a vocabulary word or phrase in context, spoken by a variety of speakers.  Yes, this is more pronunciation-based, but students are more likely to use a word is they can SAY it.
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Linda, this is an awesome resource, it boggles the mind how creative people can get.

A possible spin to put on using youglish would be to conduct a sort of discovery learning activity in which the instructor gives the students a word, phrase or idiom to look up. From there, it would be the students job to listen to 10-xx? videos and try to define or explain the word/phrase based on the context from the video (and surrounding words. I noticed that when I looked up "Ducks in a row", 42 examples came up, but their contexts varied widely and I wondered how an English learner would hypothesize about the possible meanings.

Great job, as usual ;)