Author Topic: Lack of ideas? Check this out!  (Read 957 times)

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Lack of ideas? Check this out!
« on: May 01, 2018, 08:40:45 PM »
We all have struggled with vocabulary teaching mainly because our students' demands increase everyday and the activities we choose sometimes are not very "interesting" or "fun" enough for them (their own words). So, I was trying to think of different ways we could be teaching vocabulary in a more meaningful way so they show motivation, which should be our main focus when teachig a new language, right?
I was searching the web and I found this cool BLOG (if you could call it that way), that has 21 amazing ideas on how to teach new vocabulary to our students. Of course, these are only IDEAS and we can always try to modify them or add something specific we believe the activities are lacking to aim a specific group of students.
They even mention one idea that includes a HARRY POTTER feature, which is super cool!
For me, the best ones are:

#8 Cause who doesn't like a good challenge mixed with some mystery, right?
#9 Cause you can help those students who like movement to feel more engaged with the new vocabulary by acting the words out and those "smarties" who know everything about the words and their functions.
#10 Just because photo albums are awesome and I've never seen an activity like this to teach vocabulary before, so I found it super cool!

So please, go and take a look to these awesome 21 ways of teaching vocabulary and help your students feel more engaged with new vocab!
:) :)
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