Author Topic: How useful is the feedback you got?  (Read 1179 times)

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How useful is the feedback you got?
« on: May 01, 2018, 06:52:50 PM »
Peer review has been valued by many ESL writing classes and it has been implement as one necessary part of the writing process. Some people have mentioned that it is very important to train students to do peer review so they can understand the importance of the peer review in the writing process. I totally agree that it is very important. However, lecturing students about the importance of the peer review is not the most efficient way to make them value the peer feedback. Therefore, the instructor needs to think about something that can encourage and motivate students to give better feedback and to try to communicate with the writer while giving feedback--that is, to make sure their feedback is clear for the writer to understand and useful for the writers in their editing process.

If the students are taking the writing class for credit, one of the biggest motivator can be the grades or points. In the recent peer review session I held in my ESL writing class, I told students that their feedback will be rated by their peers on the criteria of politeness, helpfulness and clarity. This motivates the students to put effort on making sure the feedback they give is clear and polite. When I grade their paper, I will distribute 10% of the total grade on the peer review process, and the 10% is an average score of the grade I gave them and the rate they got from the peer. Here is a copy of the prompt I gave students:

1. Download the Peer Perception Guiding Questions and your First Draft.
2. Switch seats with your peer and comment on the paper (not on the sheet).
3. After finishing commenting, read the peer feedback and submit two things:
  • The paper with your peer's feedback.
  • In this assignment text box, list 3 things you plan to change according to the peer feedback. If you do not plan to change anything, state the reason. In the end, rate how useful, clear, and polite you think your peer feedback is on the scale of 1-10. I will consider your rating when I give grade.
Peer review plays an important role in writing process. To show the value of peer feedback, this assignment will worths 10% of the total grade.
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