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Individual Conferences
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:37:15 AM »
I would like to talk about my experiences related to individual conferences. I have conducted individual conferences with my students. I believe that individual conferences play a significant role in the teaching-learning process. If our students are in the process of writing a secondary research paper, we could help our students by giving them individual attention during the individual conference. I am teaching a course for which writing a problem-solution research paper is one of the major assignments. When the students are in the process of writing this assignment, I schedule individual conferences so as to facilitate their writing process. In fact, conducting individual conferences is a requirement of this course. I usually schedule individual conferences using a doodle poll. I always instruct my students to come up with at least three questions related to the process of writing their secondary research paper or come up with at least three challenges that they encountered during the process of writing the research paper. According to the instructions, the students prepare for the conference. I have observed that students important questions during individual conferences. These questions are very insightful.