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iMovie: Writing a screenplay and filming/editing
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:50:11 PM »
iMovie is a great software for amateur, easy-to-use video editing. This software program is a great resources when using movie making and script writing in teaching ESL.

Hazzard (2006) wrote about a script-writing and movie making project helped her Korean students in communicative language learning and was a very positive experience for the students. She put her students in groups of 3-5. They had 7 weeks to write, film, and edit an original movie. The movies were 4 minutes long. The groups then brainstormed ideas, wrote up a movie proposal, and the instructor looked over the proposal and gave suggestions.

Once the proposals were approved, students wrote up their scripts. The instructor also scanned the scripts for originality, grammar mistakes, and length. After that students read aloud their scripts, memorized lines, came up with ideas (e.g. special effects, costumes, background music), filmed their movies, and edited them. The overall experience exceeded expectations. Students reported being very motivated to study English while making the movie and found it very enjoyable.

This is a great idea on how film can be used in TESL. For video editing, iMovie would be a great resource for that, especially since it's so user-friendly but can yield professional-looking results. For reading/writing: I would add a peer review Reading Activity, where students read each other's scripts and respond to it via giving comments and responding to structured discussion questions. In addition to the aforementioned script writing activity, I would also add another Writing Activity, where students journal about their filmmaking experience, what they learned and how it's applicable to other contexts.

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