Author Topic: Simplified News Article Text Sets and Lessons by Topic (Newsela)  (Read 711 times)

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I discovered this resource (Newsela Text Sets) as I was looking at the Newsela website for my previous post on a different thread. (Here is the link to my original post on how I've used Newsela in the past! --> It seems to have upgraded since the last time I've used the website. It has really great instructional resources--you should check it out! :)

There are a variety of text sets available on this website, organized by school subjects or topics of interest, and you can also search by age group, reading level, grade level, or what reading skill you want to teach. Each text set includes lessons with articles that are linked from the Newsela collection and printable packets, activity handouts, rubrics, and other additional resources related to the unit.

I would link to try using this resource next time there is a lesson or discussion on a current event topic in the classroom!

If anyone uses or has used this resource before, please let me know and tell me more about it!  :D