Author Topic: Kate the Brave: A story for learning silent "e"  (Read 20 times)

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Kate the Brave: A story for learning silent "e"
« on: March 07, 2019, 06:03:04 PM »
When I was developing a test related to matching the sounds of words with their spelling, I found this story ( It is free to access and only some supplementary materials are behind a paywall.

As a summary, it tells the story of a girl named Kate who builds a machine that can change objects in "silent 'e' objects". For instance, when she places a cap inside, it turns into a cape. The story is formatted as a digital storybook that is fully illustrated. There is also a narrator who reads the story and each word is highlighted as he reads. This story is targeted to first grade L1 learners.

Using this text would help with teaching reading with a bottom-up model, specifically synthetic phonics instruction. The benefit of using this approach as opposed to analytic phonics is that the students will get to encounter the words in context of a written passage. I especially like that this story takes a rule of writing and turns it into a plot mechanic.

A post-reading activity you can do with students is to create word lists that show the silent "e" rule. You can do this two ways:

Novice readers: Give students a list of "e-less" words (hop, plan, rob, ect.) Have students predict what would happen to the words if they went in the "silent-e machine". They can predict the spelling, the pronunciation, and the meaning if they know the word.

More advance readers: Ask students what words they would put into the "silent-e machine". They can come up with their own words and see if they follow the silent-e rule. It's possible they will find exceptions to the rule which you can bring to the class' attention. (2016, February 03). Kate the Brave Silent E Story | Story. Retrieved from
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