Author Topic: Using Visual Novels for Extensive Reading  (Read 502 times)

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Using Visual Novels for Extensive Reading
« on: March 07, 2019, 07:41:09 PM »
Taking on the challenge of reading a chapter length book in a native language can be very intimidating. There is something about pages of long paragraphs of text that can deter a lot of readers. But there are other mediums that can give the same lengths of text in an easier to digest way.

Visual novels are an interactive fiction game that delivers story in a visual and interactive app. The majority of these stories include branching storylines allowing readers to make choices that changes how the story progresses. They also typically allow readers to save where ever they like and to make a large number of save files so readers can see all possible story endings. This would make it easy for for L2 learners to read as much as they wish and to easily go back and reread any parts.

To get you started, here are some suggestions of visual novels you can share with students.

Emily is Away
This is an interactive story spoken through a 90's AIM chatbox. You talk with Emily as you find out about her life and your relationship with her. This is a good visual novel to start with since it is short and most text is in 1-3 sentence lengths. It's also free!

Brilliant Shadows
This story follows the necromancer Veronica Ashmar, as she graduates from school and must perform a pairing ritual upon her graduation. This story is fully voiced in English which may be helpful for students to have both the text and audio input.

Aviary Attorney
This visual novel is a bird lawyering game. You play as Jayjay Falcon and will interview witnesses, collect clues, and deliver justice. This visual novel requires more critical thinking as you are trying to solve a mystery. This would go well with the Sherlock Holmes lessons  :)

Dream Daddy
This is a dad dating simulator. You create your own dad (or dadsona) and meet and romance other dads. Despite the initial silly premise, this story has heartfelt narratives on fatherhood, relationships, and dealing with loss. This is best for adult learners as there are mentions of sex and alcohol (nothing graphic though).