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Pros and Cons of Peer Feedback
« on: March 15, 2019, 02:55:43 AM »
While focusing on reading and writing skills, feedback should contain peer review. There are some major pros and cons to having a student grade another classmateís work and teachers should be aware of what they are before including it in the curriculum. Some benefits are that while writing a paper, they can tailor is more to what people their age will understand creating a more authentic paper for a more authentic audience. It can improve the development of a studentís L2 skills while also allowing them to gain critical reading skills. Not only will studentís read another studentís work, but they can also learn from how the other person has written and add and take away what they like and dislike from their paper. The last benefit is that since a teacher has to grade many different assignments, they may not have the time to dedicate to everyoneís work. A student has more time to grade a paper, especially if it is also an assignment, and might pay more attention to details the teacher would have left out. Even though peer feedback has been shown to have many benefits, if not done correctly, it can have consequences. Research has actually shown that in an L2 setting that students do not always take the time to give good feedback because they do not feel like doing it, and students can also feel like it is a waste of time. However, these issues can be improved by the teacher and how they explain the process, how they show the students how to peer review, and if the teachers guide them on how to peer review. In most classrooms, it can be very helpful to have a handout of some sort that goes along with the peer feedback in order to make sure that they are addressing what they need to be addressing and also so that there is a guideline of what is supposed to be in the paper. This activity can be a very useful tool in the L2 classroom as it help not only writing skills, but also reading skills. Attached is guided peer feedback worksheet I found that allows both the writer and peer to review work, and gives a list of what should be included. This can be easily adapted to the lesson being taught.

Wiegle, S. C. (2014). Considerations for Teaching Second Language Writing. In M. Celce-Murcia, D. Brinton, & M. Snow (Eds.), Teaching English as a second or foreign language. (4th Ed.) (pp. 288-302). Boston: National Geographic Learning.

Worksheet Source: Corbett, Steven, Teagan E. Decker, and Michelle LaFrance. Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Theory and Practice in Peer Review and Response for the Writing Classroom. Southlake, Texas: Fountain Head Press, 2014. Print.
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