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Peer review guidelines
« on: March 14, 2019, 03:38:04 PM »
When using peer review in class, I have noticed that apart from peer review training, giving students guidelines that direct their attention at target areas can go along way in ensuring that students give and receive quality feedback. I developed the following questions from the assignment rubric for my students.
Peer Review Comments
Paste your essays in your group doc.
Highlight your essays as instructed below.
Read and review your peers’ essay using the comment function; your comments will be graded.
In your essay,:
  • highlight the background information about the issue in green (do NOT highlight information about the article)
  • Highlight the two rhetorical strategies that you have discussed in each paragraph in yellow
  • Highlight the summary of your analysis in green
  • Read two of your friends essays and leave specific and general comments in each(the quality of your feedback is worth 20 points).
  • Refer to our lesson material and rubric when giving comments. You can use the following questions as a guide.
General questions
  • Does the essay answer the question?
  • Does the vocabulary show that the author understands the topic?
  • Does the author communicate clearly?(without too many language errors)
  • Does the body support the thesis?
  • Does the author follow APA style in citing/quoting?
  • What is the most critical area the the author should fix?
Specific questions
  • Is there enough background information about the article and about the issue?
  • Does the thesis preview the main points in the essay?
  • Are topic sentences specific enough? Do they support the thesis?
  • Are the paragraphs fully developed?(do they cover two strategies of an appeal)
  • Is each strategy clearly identified? Is there relevant evidence? Is the evidence enough?
  • Is the evidence well-integrated in the paragraph? (use of right verbs, tense)
  • Does the analysis show the connection between the topic sentence and the evidence?
  • Does the conclusion have the 3 parts?
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