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Online Peer Review & Feedback Resource
« on: March 15, 2019, 01:57:55 PM »
Many teachers utilize peer review as a way for students to get a variety of feedback on their work. Students may be able to point out or provide interesting feedback that the teacher may not have considered. Oftentimes, peer review involves in class work of students going over another student's work and then filling out a worksheet or rubric and passing it back. As an in class activity, that can leave students a little crunched for time and they may not write as many comments on the other student's work as they could. Or, because they know who they're peer reviewing, they might give every category a 10/10 when in fact there may be several things the student could improve on.

Related to this, I have found an online resource that helps with peer review and feedback. Peergrade is a resource that allows students to submit their writing assignments online and have them peer reviewed by other students anonymously. This means that the reviewer does not know whose work they are reviewing and the person being reviewed does not know who reviewed their work. In addition to this, after the peer reviewing is all submitted, students can go back and evaluate the peer reviews they received - is it detailed, helpful, and fair?

As for pricing, Peergrade has 3 different plans that can be used. The free plan allows anonymous submissions and peer reviewing for any type of file upload and there is no limit on assignments, classes, etc. The basic plan, valued at $2 per student per year, allows for everything in the free plan along with other perks like self evaluation of submitted assignments. Finally, the pro plan allows for all of the previously mentioned perks along with several other new perks like group-to-group feedback and weighted questions.

While typically used for k-12 and higher education, Peergrade is available to others who want to use the service. The instructor just needs to contact them.

The website for Peergrade:

Pricing and plan information for Peergrade: