Author Topic: A guide to self-editing  (Read 691 times)

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A guide to self-editing
« on: March 24, 2019, 09:52:52 PM »
This material is a guide to self-editing. It include general guidelines that guide students through the stages of self-editing and a detailed checklists that encourage learners to think more in depth about their writing in different aspects such as sentence structure, grammar, and style. Correcting errors is an important component of writing process, but an instructor marking every error in an essay does not make the student a better learner, and a learner cannot rely on the instructor forever. Students have to learn self-editing. I feel this worksheet can help them to begin to learn self-editing. It is something I will ask my students to use for their next paper. The checklist may not work well with some of the students because all of the questions are yes or no questions. I may revise some of the questions and ask my students to write short paragraphs describing what revisions they have made after working on this checklist.