Author Topic: A checklist for an outline of a cause-effect essay  (Read 5689 times)

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A checklist for an outline of a cause-effect essay
« on: April 03, 2019, 01:43:44 PM »

This is a checklist for a in-class peer review session. Students have been asked to created an outline for their cause-effect essays and in the class they should comment on two outlines created by their classmates.
[/size]Peer-Editing Worksheet: Cause and Effect
[/size]Writer: ­­­­___________             Reviewer: _____________
[/size]1.        Is the outline a focus-on-causes or a focus-on-effects outline?
[/size]2.        How many body paragraphs does the outline have? Does the outline have introduction and conclusion?
[/size]3.        Is the thesis statement clear? Does it have a preview?
[/size] 4.        In which order are the causes and/or effects arranged? Is this an effective order? If not, what revisions do you suggest?
[/size]5.        Are there any irrelevant causes or effects included?
[/size]6.        Are all causal relationships logical? Does the author confuse correlation with causation?
[/size] 7.        Does the writer provide “minor” causes or effects (or examples) under each cause or effect clearly and convincingly?
[/size] 8.       (Optional) If you happen to be familiar with your peer’s topic, does the writer consider all relevant causes and/or effects? Are any key causes or effects omitted?
[/size]9.        (Optional) Do you have any other suggestions on the outline?
[/size] After the peer review: Read the feedback you received and writes a short reflection (100 words) on how you want to revise your outline.

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Re: A checklist for an outline of a cause-effect essay
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2019, 05:30:12 PM »
The checklist is detailed and has good questions. It seems to me that some of the terms (e.g., focus-on-causes vs focus-on-efforts) may be specific how the cause-effect essay was taught. However, it is easy to change some specific terms.