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YouTube Channels for learning English
« on: April 16, 2019, 08:45:10 PM »
YouTube has been used as an effective educational tool for a long time ever since the emergence of technology in classroom. However, with the abundant and overwhelming resources on YouTube, both teachers and learners will spend more time discriminating the appropriate resources from the bad ones.

YouTube provides authentic input for ESL/EFL learners. Especially for EFL learners who are lacking of authentic resources and materials, the usage of YouTube deserves more attention and appreciation in classrooms. There are many benefits of using YouTube in pedagogical practice and classroom exercise.

•   A place for teachers to learn. Teachers can learn more about their content or their teaching practice from these resources too!
•   Videos are interesting and engaging. There’s something about videos that make them easy hooks that get students interested in watching and learning more.
•   A wealth of resources from experts. Although there are loads of cat videos, there are also loads of experts who are sharing their knowledge and perspectives for free.
•   Visual and audible means of learning. The video medium helps students learn by both seeing and hearing, which helps understanding and retention.
•   Watchable anytime and place. As long as students have Internet access, they can view the useful videos any time it’s convenient for them.
•   Easily shared. As students themselves find useful content, they can easily share it with teachers, friends, and classmates.
•   Student can contribute themselves. And don’t forget this is YouTube, which means that students themselves can create original content and share their own expertise with viewers. This is a great way for students to develop an online presence and have a creative way to show what they know.

Here are some of the YouTube Channel that can be used for teaching English.
1) British Council LearnEnglish This is the official YouTube channel of the British Council. Videos are professional looking and include skits of real-life scenarios. They also boast several animated grammar lessons.  
2) Anglo-Link Run by Minoo Short of the UK, this channel provides lessons that are several minutes long and focus on subjects such as phrasal verbs, vocabulary, and listening skills. 
3) JenniferESL When you learn English with Jennifer, you feel like you’re learning from a caring mentor. Geared more toward beginning students, Jennifer’s videos cover a wide variety of topics and include colorful slides and graphics to assist with learning. 
4) Rachel’s English Rachel knows American pronunciation. She has a background in classical singing, and she brings her expertise of voice and pronunciation to all of her videos. If you’re looking to “reduce” your accent or refine your pronunciation, Rachel’s English is a great place to start.
5) EnglishLessons4U One of EngVid’s 8 teachers, Ronnie brings a quirky sensibility to learning English. Her lessons are informative, practical, and a lot of fun. 

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