Author Topic: ESL Mythical Genre Creature Description Reference Sheet  (Read 608 times)

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ESL Mythical Genre Creature Description Reference Sheet
« on: February 04, 2020, 11:15:11 AM »
While teaching a few books form the children's mythical series, The Secrets of Droon, I had my students (primarily 3rd-5th graders) keep a character reference sheet. This sheet not only had character personality traits, but also descriptions of what the character looked like and even drawings. I implemented this because I find that sometimes it is difficult for ESL learners to really be able to visualize mythical creatures if they do not have all of the descriptive features memorized. Also, many times in this genre after the initial description the author will continue to just refer to the creatures by their name and not really continue to describe them as much in detail, and there may be references to certain  features again.  For instance, if the book describes a creature as a teliobot and it is a creature with eyes like a cobra, hooves like a horse, a torso as wide a buffalo and a tail that rattles like a rattle snake, it is difficult for ESL readers to be able to really visualize this character considering a lot of these descriptive words or animals may not be in the forefront of their daily L2 lexicon. Thus the reference sheet will help them understand what the creature looks like, and remember what the creature is as they continue to read and come across the name in further reading.

I recommend this series to get children interested in the mythical genre, and having a reference sheet for the mythical creatures' appearances can be very helpful in the student's understanding of the mythical world. Also they are more likely to become more invested in the readings. Not to mention, their vocabulary skills will certainly expand by using the reference sheet and completing the readings.