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A Bilbo Diary Entry
« on: February 04, 2020, 10:09:19 PM »

One writing activity I might do with The Hobbit with L2 learners or younger learners is posted on Teaching Ideas. This writing activity includes picking an event that Bilbo experiences in the book (it can be a key event, or even a smaller event). The focus is to use descriptive language to try and imagine how Bilbo felt and how the people around him might have felt.

To add on to this idea, I might create a class-wide assignment, where each person (group?) could be assigned a certain part of the novel to write from Bilbo's point of view. This would be a fun creative writing activity to do with a range of students (possibly middle grades to high school students). As a teacher, depending on the age, I might expect more complexity from the older students or more experienced students of an L2.

Depending on the age, expectations of quality and detail can differ. For example, for middle grade students of writing in an L2, I might focus on point of view or verb tenses (focusing on past tense?) Another aspect to grade could be quality of the descriptions of events. For older students or students of a higher level in the L2, I might expand and also emphasize using good vocabulary to describe Bilbo's thoughts, or also upon thoughtfulness of incorporating Bilbo's character development.

You can find more ideas from this site or get details here:

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Re: A Bilbo Diary Entry
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2020, 11:50:24 AM »
I like this idea - it's very scaleable to different levels or class purposes. If there's a grammar point or vocabulary to work in, you could easily do so while students still get to feel creative. They could focus on descriptions, or emotions, or whatever else you need, or even illustrate. Definitely fun and flexible.