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Theme guide for the Hobbit
« on: February 06, 2020, 08:06:26 AM »

The website above has summaries of different parts of the chapter, and they use icons to indicate what the themes are. For the Themes that are shown there is a small summary for when the theme appears in the reading. I think this is a great guide for teachers to use. A teacher can simply view the page and choose a few key themes to discuss for each chapter and the description of when the theme appears in the writing is already shown, so it is a great resource to create less work for the teacher. A teacher could also use this a basis to create a fill in the blank worksheet or a worksheet for the students to keep track of events in each chapter or section of assigned reading. It is a terrific way to introduce themes, and also help the students see the bigger picture of the story so they don't get overwhelmed with any unfamiliarities of the mythical world while reading. This allows them to remember that this book has a similar slew of events and themes as other stories they already know.