Author Topic: OWL at Purdue University--Plagiarism and ESL Writers  (Read 757 times)

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OWL at Purdue University--Plagiarism and ESL Writers
« on: February 13, 2020, 01:37:59 PM »
The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University is a great resource for the latest updates on citation style guides. This link (provided below) is specifically for ESL students, as it provides an overview of western universities plagiarism policies and the severity of plagiarizing. It also provides a list of vocabulary that is commonly used when discussing academic writing, such as citation, paraphrasing, quoting, etc. Further in this website, there is additional practice for paraphrasing and summarizing with answer keys to help guide students. These practices can be adapted by an instructor teaching paraphrasing, quoting, and/or summarizing. OWL at Purdue is typically up to date with the latest updates to citation guides (ex. APA 7th edition).