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Quick write / creative writing activities
« on: March 10, 2020, 02:47:25 PM »
These short activities would / could inspire students to start writing:

1)    7x7x7

In this quick write activity, students have to choose the 7th book on the shelf (or digital library). Then students should open the 7th page and choose a sentence. The next step requires students to start writing using the sentence that they chose on the 7th page.

2)    Dictionary

Students open a dictionary and find a word they do not know. Then students can create an imaginary definition or use it in a sentence of their own which can serve as the beginning of the story.

3)    Magazine puzzle

Cut out the pictures, images, titles of the article, words, etc. and place them in a bowl. Students can take two snippets out of the bowl and use them to start a story.

4)    Pin the atlas.

Students pinpoint a place on the world map and pretend to be travel blog writers. Have students write a story about a weird / unforgettable experience they had in that place.

5)    Hello, you!

Students write a letter to the future self, starting a paragraph with, “I remember…”.

6)    Write from someone else’s perspective

Students have a prompt and respond to it from the perspective of another person: it could be a real person or a book character.

7)    The What If Challenge

Elicit a What If question from students as a model. For example, What if your pet could talk? What if people could read your thoughts? Then have each student write a What if question on a post-it-note and collect those. Students choose one question from a bowl and start writing a story.

8) Journal writing activity

Have students write entries about future milestones such as what they will do/happen when they leave school, find a job, go to college, etc.


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