Author Topic: Lingro makes websites L2 learner friendly  (Read 1016 times)

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Lingro makes websites L2 learner friendly
« on: March 17, 2020, 09:15:03 PM »
Lingro is an online tool that allows you to look up words on any website just by clicking on the words (without leaving the website to look up words on another website).

The creator of Lingro, Artur, came up with the idea when he decided to practice his Spanish by reading Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal. As a competent but non-expert speaker, he found that looking up new vocabulary took much more time than the reading itself. Frustrated with how slow existing online dictionaries were, he wrote a program to help him translate and learn words in their original context.

Here is how you use this tool:
  • Go to your favorite newspaper's website (or any website that has text in it)
  • Find a news article you want to read
  • Copy the link and paste it into the bar at the top of Lingro's homepage.
  • Choose your dictionary (Many language pairs are available.)
  • Click the arrow.
  • Now all the words on that page are clickable dictionary entries. Simply click on anything you want to look up/translate.
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