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The Writing Process
« on: April 07, 2016, 02:21:05 PM »
ESL/EFL classrooms sometimes tend to focus more on the product rather than the actual process. What I want to present is the five step writing process.
1. Prewriting. This is where students will use things like webs and outlines to brainstorm what they would like to write about.
2. Writing. This is where the students would write their very first draft with the help of what they did in step 1.
3. Revision. The student will go back and revise their papers. It is great to introduce peer-review in this step so that a student can get some feedback on things that they can fix.
4. Editing. The students edit their paper for clarity, spelling and grammar mistakes, etc.
5. Publishing. While they will not necessarily publish their writing anywhere, this is the final draft of writing that students will turn in.

The process approach is great because students are less focused on the final product. They are focusing on the process of writing, and they are writing more, which in turn will make them better writers in the future.