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Prewriting activity
« on: October 15, 2008, 10:55:11 PM »
I think that working with movie trailers is a great way to motivate our students to write. I attached a couple of links that can be used for this purpose.

1- The Illusionist. The teacher can select a couple of scenes from "The Illusionist" site and: play one scene without sound (have students infere what is going on.. teacher can write down on the whiteboard students ideas and then contrast them after the teacher plays again the scene but this time with sound) choose another scene and freeze it (have students make predictions about what is gonna come next).
2- The Prestige. Interesting the way act 1, act 2 and act 3 are described (have students take notes and share their notes about these descriptions).

In The Illusionist site, you'll find the word MAGIC. If you click on there, four cards will be display. Each of the cards describe (incompletely) four of the most famous magic tricks ever performed. Have students choose one of the cards and have them write about a magician that is going to perform one of the tricks. It would be interesting if they can include the description of the three acts mentioned in The Prestige.
I would use these trailers in different opportunities, as part of sequenced activities from a unit about magic or magicians... they can be also linked to the Harry Potter lessons.