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Teaching Cause and Effect Essays
« on: March 31, 2009, 11:22:09 PM »
 :angryred2 trying to clean my computer and re-organize my files, i found lots of stuff about cause and effect essays, and i thought about sharing some of them!  8)

So, here are some handouts that i found on the web when i taught Cause and Effect essays. They worked pretty well with my students and i hope so with yours ;)

The first attachment is a unit that i found on the web (Maybe the Owl website ??? can't remember :?don'tknow) and i did just very minor changes in it at the time i used it (looooong ago :o, fall 2007 ;D). it has some good illustrations, and i believe it is mainly about the style and organization of the Cause and Effect essay. It includes also a list of words and transitions that can be used while writing such kind of essays. And finally, there is a sample essay! i think this handout made things easier for students to grasp the differences and have a better understanding of the cause and effect essay. I remember me drawing some charts for them to help them understand and distinguish between the different styles (i'll post it when i find it..still in the process of cleaning ;D)

The second one entitled "what is a cause and effect essay?" deals with the steps of writing a cause an effect essay and i found it very helpful too.

Finally, the last attachment includes 4 sample essays also from the web. they might be helpful for some :D.

Enjoy :lol-animated

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