Author Topic: C & E Peer Review Guiding Questions  (Read 5024 times)

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C & E Peer Review Guiding Questions
« on: April 01, 2009, 04:14:23 PM »
Hello ;)

I'd like to share one of the peer review forms that i used when I taught ESL 114 class ::)

It has a lot of details :o, and i think it could be simpler than this :-\, just like Cary's simple peer review form :P. However, it is more to introduce students to the rubrics and get them to think of their own writings when trying to review their peers' writings :idea-blinking :idea-blinking :idea-blinking.

It is mainly designed for the Cause and Effect essay's formula 8), however, it could be easily adapted to all kinds of essays or writings :lol-animated.

I hope it's going to be of a good use for you  :book and your students :hmmmmmm

Enjoy :lol-animated

PS. same post in the Peer-review section

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