ESL 507:  Advanced Academic Writing
for MATESOL Students

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Instructor:  Randall Sadler
  Office:  FLB 3045
Class Time:  TTH 10:30-11:50 Office Hours:  TTH 9:30-10:30
Davenport 338 Mailbox:  FLB 3080

Brief Overview of the Course:

            The purpose of this course is to improve your ability to write in a clear and effective manner for the purpose of communication.  This skill will be crucial in your success as an MATESOL student at the University of Illinois.  You will be asked to read, discuss, and write about a number of essays/articles related to TESOL.

            You will choose a subject early in the course that may—or may not—form the basis for your writings throughout much of the semester.  The subject you choose should be, in some form, debatable, as it may form the basis for the major essays in the course: A critical review of an article, a literature review, and a persuasive essay. 

            Other writing assignments will include an initial writing evaluation, in-class writing, and a writer’s journal, in which you will explore your own writing.