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EIL 445:  L2 Reading & Writing

EIL 587:  CMC & Language Teaching

EIL 587:  VWs & Language Learning

ESL 507:  Advanced ESL Writing

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As you can see from the main page, my interests fall under two main areas:  Computer-Mediated Communication and Second Language Reading & Writing.

EIL 445: Teaching Second Language Reading and Writing, is aimed primarily of future teachers of English as a Second Language, but also often contains future teachers of other languages, who are very welcome in the class. 

EIL 587:  Computer-Mediated Communication for Language Teaching is a seminar course that explores how computer networks (e.g. the Internet) can be used in the language learning process to engage in authentic communication to enhance that learning.  The technologies utilized in this course range from the most basic (email), to Discussion Boards, MOOs, Blogs, Wikis, Pod & Vidcasting, Internet Telephony, and video conferencing. 

EIL 587:  Virtual Worlds and Beyond:  Teaching Language in Today's Networked World includes an overview of CMC, but more closely focuses on the role of virtual worlds in language learning.  This course includes a great deal of work in the VW Second Life.

ESL 507:  Advanced Academic Writing for MATESL is a high level writing course designed specifically for non-native speakers of English entering the MATESL program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.