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The primary focus of my current research is the role of Virtual Worlds (VWs) in the language learning/teaching process.  Virtual Worlds are 3-D online environments inhabited by "people" in the form of their avatars.  There are a large number of virtual worlds, ranging from true game environments--often referred to as Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)--to VWs that exist primarily as social enviroments.  These include Second Life, Active Worlds, Club Penguin, There, and many more.   The primary focus of my own interest is Second Life as there are a wide variety of education applications in that VW that are constantly evolving.  Some of my recent presentation on VWs and CMC can be found below.

Recent Scholarship:

Find my CALICO 2009 presentation here: Academic Corpra to Enhance the Revision Process:  The Google Alternative.

Find the wiki created for the CALICO 2009 pre-conference workshops on Virtual Worlds and Language Teaching here:

CALICO 2009 Preconference Workshops

Find my EUROCALL 2008 presentation here: How is Computer-Mediated Communication Actually Being Used in the Classroom?

Find my second EUROCALL 2008 presentation here: Ethical Standards for Research in Virtual Worlds

Find my CALICO 2008 presentation here:
Second Life & Task-Based Language Learning

Find my CALICO 2007 presentation here:
Computer-Mediated Communication and Video Chat

Find a current project using video blogs as supplemental materials for a science fiction reading project here: