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peer review worksheet for a literature review assignment
« on: April 07, 2014, 11:30:31 PM »
Here's a worksheet/checklist I developed for the peer view of a literature review assignment:


Peer Review Sheet for a literature review assignment

1. Please answer the following questions. Use the peer review criteria we discussed in class.
·      Are there at least five articles reviewed?
·      What’s the purpose of the review according to the author? Is the purpose of the review clearly identified?
·      Comment on the articles reviewed (are they primary sources/recent research studies/the most relevant to the topic of the paper?…) Do you think these articles are effective or not? Why?
·      Find, circle and number each major concept in the review.
·      Does the review explain the concepts clearly?
·      Does the review put together the important points of the same concept from each paper? Or does it review the articles one by one?
·      Do the headings match the content of each section?
·      Does the review identify a gap in the research/literature? What is the gap?
·      List three problems you find about citations, and give suggestions on how to improve the citations accordingly. Comment on why you think the citation is good if there is no problem with citations.

2. Talk about your perceptions of the literature review regarding the questions above with your peer to make sure your points are well understood by your peer, and discuss how to improve the essay together.

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