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For the lesson on space article, I would probably use the following post-reading activity: I would divide students in several groups and distribute slips of paper with several statements, only one of which is correct. These statements would be on terms and ideas encountered in the "Space" article, however, the answers could only be found in the articles that you can access by clicking on the links. First, students discuss these issues (for example, tricky statements about dark matter) in their groups, try to find the correct one, and only later, after a whole-class discussion, students are allowed to look for the right answers in the other articles, using scanning technique.

Also, after reading the article students could prepare several questions themselves (about space issues they could be really interested in, and could not find answers about in the article), and then invite a guest speaker who is expert in astronomy (could be a graduate students, for example). This real-life aspect could be very motivating and encouraging.

The third activity could be acting as if students were experts, providing answers for a "question-answer" page of some magazine for readers not familiar with space issues. Teacher's task is to  think of possible readers' questions, the answers to which more or less explicitly can be found in the article; students task is to explain the ideas they read about in the article in a way that is understandable for everyone, and then present them in the class  (once you start explaining things to others, you finally get them yourself!)


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