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post-reading activities for Wal-Mart article


The following lesson goes with the following article:

--- Quote ---Setting:
?   Country?Czech Republic


?   Age?Adults

?   Grade Level?Business context?not in school

?   Language Level?High Intermediate

?   Student Needs?Business vocabulary, sociocultural

Program Goals
Develop business-related and technical vocabulary
Facilitate oral communication skills for an international setting

Course Goals
Develop fluency in reading business documents and technical literature

Lesson Goals
SWBAT use new business-related vocabulary
SWBAT summarize pros and cons

Lesson Objectives
SWBAT: make new sentences using vocabulary from the article
SWBAT: use strategies for discovering vocabulary meanings
SWBAT: summarize the positives and negatives a supplier may experience when working with Wal-Mart

--article found at

?   Pre-reading Activity: Ss in pairs  discuss the following questions (5 minutes) Describe your ideas about Wal-Mart. Is Wal-Mart overall good or bad for consumers? For communities? Why? Compare a similar local store with Wal-Mart. How are your feelings different?
?   Activity: Read the title of the article. Individually, write down at least five things that you think might be addressed in the article based on the title. (5 minute)
?   Activity: underline all business-related words, whether known or unknown. (Tell Ss that they should guess which unknown words are business-related based on context.) (10 minutes); Ss decide which words are business-related and discover vocabulary meanings by discussing with a neighbor (10 minutes); T will circulate during this time to help with definitions.
?   Activity: whole-class discussion about strategies for finding the meanings of unfamiliar vocabulary (potential answers: context, ignoring, looking up in a dictionary) (5 minutes)
?   Activity: T will have list of business-related vocabulary from article on OH. Ss will pick 5 new vocabulary terms from the list in a sentence (10 minutes). Tell the sentences to your neighbor (10 minutes). T will randomly pick Ss to read sentences aloud (10 minutes).

?   (Read article)

?   Activity: Look back at predicting activity from earlier. Discuss in pairs how accurate your predictions from before were (10 minutes). Report back to the large group (10 minutes).

?   A main point of the whole article is the following sentence: ?For suppliers, the best news is, Wal-Mart is going to buy your product, and the worst news is, Wal-Mart is going to buy your product.? Make a list of reasons why Wal-Mart buying a supplier?s product is good, and a list of reasons why that is bad (15 minutes). Report back to the large group (10 minutes).

--- End quote ---


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