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This is a useful website that teachers can use to create a more interactive persuasive writing lesson. Besides being a source for a good number of controversial topics that a teacher can use as prompts for their writing lessons, it can also be used during the pre-writing stage. It can be used to enrich and broaden students' knowledge and understanding of a given topic/ issue before they can decide which side they are going to support. This can be achieved by reading others' arguments before they move on to writing their own argumentative papers. Besides fleshing out their knowledge about a given topic, spending some time reading different arguments presented under each topic, students would also gain some useful vocabulary and pick up some useful language that would help them to articulate their own arguments (some language might be informal, or even inappropriate, and might include wrong grammar and spelling, so the teacher might need to help students pick up useful language only). In addition, students can collect some useful evidence to support their arguments, which is an important element in an argumentative paper. The teacher can also give students the chance to evaluate the arguments of others instead of directly spelling out their own arguments. Furthermore, in order to make the writing process more interactive, students can create their own debates in the website and can have the rest of the class vote and post their arguments for or against these debates; this would give them more practice on stating and supporting their arguments before they start the actual writing task. If the teacher would prefer to start with a reading activity prior to the writing task, he/ she can also ask students to read and evaluate one of the given argumentative articles. 
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