Author Topic: Assessing Reading Fluency for ESL  (Read 3667 times)

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Assessing Reading Fluency for ESL
« on: March 13, 2020, 10:53:37 PM »

This site provides sample assessment forms that are broken into categories such as performance, portfolio, and content knowledge. Many of these sample forms are very basic and geared toward younger, less proficient learners, but these can still be great informal tools for teachers to keep track of their students' progress:

This link within the site mentioned above redirects to some information and sample criteria of how to grade students' speaking fluency. Although oral skills are often tested in some capacity in language classrooms, these tend to be more formal, end-of-term assessments that are higher stakes. This rubric is interesting in that it focuses on particular aspects of spoken fluency that I haven't seen before (at least as a language learner myself) since my experience with fluency assessments have been on my ability to communicate in the spoken language. This one is specifically for assessing learner's reading fluency which is pretty neat!
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