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Virtual Space: Gather
« on: March 22, 2021, 09:57:04 PM »
Recently, some of my virtual meetings have been using Gather:
This application can be accessed with a browser, and it allows hosts to build their own maps for people to interact in.Participants log in with video and audio like Zoom, but in Gather they also get to choose an avatar that they can control using the arrow keys or WASD. As the avatar moves through the map, participants will be able to video chat with any other avatar(s) that is close enough, with the video fading out if they move too far apart. Pressing the "x" key next to a glowing object allows the participant to interact with it.
The space is highly customizable and includes many objects that allow various interactions. For example, I found that a "laptop" object gives the option of embedding links, videos, plain text, and a couple of other things.The page itself has a good tutorial, and I can see this being a fun option for communicative learning or even simulating a foreign language environment.
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