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« on: February 25, 2006, 12:17:08 AM »
Prepositional Chain Drill
1.   Review prepositions of place.
2.   Take a small object, such as a pen, and do something with it, then describe your action. (Put the pen on the desk and say, ?I put the pen on the desk.?)
3.   Give the pen to a student and ask him/her, ?What did I do with the pen??
4.   The student answers and then does something different with the object that involves a different preposition of place.
5.   The student then passes the object to the next student and asks,  ?What did we do with the pen?? That student repeats what the teacher did and what the first student did with the object. The second student then does something different with the object before passing it to the third student.
Teacher:   I put the pen on the desk. What did I do with the pen?
Rosa:   You put the pen on the desk. (to the next student, Alfred)  I put the pen above my head. What did we do with the pen?
Alfred:   The teacher put the pen on the desk. Rosa put the pen above her head. I put my book under my book.
(to the next student) What did we do with the pen?

6-5: Prepositions of Time: When IN, ON and AT

   a) Please be on time in the future.
   b) I usually watch TV in the evening.

   c) I was born in October.
   d) I was born in 1985.
   e) I was born in the twentieth century.
   f) The weather is hot in (the) summer.

   in the future
in the past
in the present

        a month
        a year
IN + a century
         a season       

    g) I was born on October 31, 1985.
    h) I went to a movie on Thursday.
    i) I have class on Thursday morning(s).    on + DATE
on + a weekday
on + a weekday morning(s), afternoon(s), evening(s)

    j) We sleep at night. I was asleep at
   k) I fell asleep at 9:30.
   l) He?s busy at present. Please call again.     at + noon, night, midnight;
at + present, the moment, the present time

Follow Up Exercises:

1.   We don?t know what will happen ______ the future.
2.   History is the study of events that occurred ___________the past.
3.   Newspapers report events that happen ______ the present.
4.   Last year I was born in a junior high school. ______ present, I am a senior in high school.
5.   I am a student _______ the present time, but I will graduate next month.
6.   Ms. Walker can?t come to the phone right now. She?s in a meeting ______ the moment.
7.   I usually take a walk ______ the morning before I go to work.
8.   Frank likes to take a nap _______ the afternoon.
9.   Our family enjoys spending time together __________ the evening.
10.   Our children always stay at home ________  night.
11.   I moved to this city _______ September.
12.   I moved ___________ 2001.
13.   I moved here __________ September 2001.

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« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2008, 11:23:13 AM »
Another way to teach prepositions would be to present examples then practice using different kinds of prepositions; you can give them lots of examples about directions, location, space etc, have them notice patterns and come up with their own "rules of usage." Keep providing examples and make charts if needed.

Try also to use the same verb but with different prepositions like:
I walked to the store
I walked at night
I walked in the park
I walked on the grass
I walked by the river

make sure to quiz them on that too
Just a thought  :book

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Just a thought  :book

And a good thought at that!    ::yeah! :idea-blinking
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