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Great lesson plan tool online
« on: April 17, 2012, 12:11:52 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I found this awesome website online that offers a bit of help with creating lesson plans.This website gives you a full layout/ outline that you can just place your thoughts in and once your done you can click create. This is a pretty nifty tool to have on one's side for those teacher's in a rush to crunch a deadline, for the new beginner's, and or those who simply just want to try it out. I thought it would be nice to share, because I know I would have loved to have had this tool at hand.

Lesson Plan Maker

Also, forgot to mention the website that the Lesson Plan Maker is on is called teachnology. The website offers many resources for teachers like template rubrics, worksheet makers, and helpful resume tools.
I hope you all enjoy!!

Here's a preview....

    Samples of Tools > Language Arts Worksheet Maker
Language Arts Worksheets can be saved in these formats: HTML / Web Page MS WordAdobe Acrobat Reader (PDF)Online
& Friendly
Make Language Arts worksheets and simple activities for everyday use. Only a few mouse clicks! Answer keys are also created to make it even easier! Join now to access all our Language Arts Worksheet Makers instantly.

View the language arts worksheet makers below by clicking on any of the categories listed.

  Bingo Card Maker

Make 3 x 3 to 7 x 7 box bingo cards with ease. Scramble the cards as many times as you want for multiple versions. Make a different version for each student.A single click makes unlimited new variations of bingo cards.

View Sample | PDF Version | PDF 2 | PDF 3

  Mix & Match Maker

Great for learning new vocabulary! Create an instant matching quiz in minutes. Create multiple versions.

View Sample

  Spelling Worksheet Maker

Just input the words of your choice. You can choose to have spelling worksheets created in a corrective format or you can choose to have a single letter removed.

Circle Correct Spelling | Missing Letter | Answer Key

  Handwriting Worksheet Maker

Create handwriting worksheets with your own text. Choose from four font sizes.Your words are instantly formed into printable worksheets for practice. Students love it!

Connected Cursive | Cursive Print | Dotted Print

Guided Cursive | Guided Print

  Vocabulary Dice Maker

Make instant vocabulary dice that you can cut out and assemble in seconds. This can be done with just the words, definitions, or a mix of both. Make it fun!

View Sample

  Proofreading Worksheet Maker

You can choose to remove consonants, punctuation, spaces, and vowels. You can also add misspellings and highlight pronunciation.

View Sample | Pronunciation Highlighted | Answer Key

  Blackout Worksheet Maker

A great way to introduce new vocabulary. Students are provided with a clue and an assortment of letters. They must cross-out letters to find the vocabulary word.

View Sample | Answer Key | PDF Version

  Quote Falls Worksheet Maker

Make your own custom quote fall worksheets. Our software creates the puzzle and layout scheme for you. A great creative thinking activity.

View Sample | Answer Key

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Re: Great lesson plan tool online
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2012, 11:34:14 AM »
Great find! This will save me a lot of time in the future.  :)