Author Topic: Audacity - To Promote Speaking Skills in Reading Classes  (Read 1521 times)

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Audacity - To Promote Speaking Skills in Reading Classes
« on: April 14, 2018, 07:41:13 PM »
This activity will help students to develop not only their reading skills but also speaking and listening.
A proposed activity for the Harry Potter book:
[/size]This method can be applied to any topic in the book, but this example is about creating introductions about Harry Potter book characters. Students should be assigned to choose one character that they wish to create an introduction about. While reading the book chapters, students should be encouraged to make notes about the character’s physical features, traits of the character, things they like, their friends etc. When students have enough details to create a 3 minute narration, that should show that they have enough material.
[/size]Next, the instructor should ask students to write down the narration that they will further need to audio record. The instructor should provide students with feedback on their first and second drafts.
[/size]When students get to the stage of the final draft, the instructor should ask students to prepare to narrate their introductions in class. After practicing in class, students can finally proceed to recording their narration at home. They should be encouraged not to read.
[/size]Students would use Audacity to record their Introduction and upload it to One Cloud (a shared account for the students).
[/size]The next step is for students to give each other some feedback on their recordings.