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Visualize a writing topic--Mind map
« on: May 01, 2018, 06:32:09 PM »
When I am teaching freshman ESL students English academic writing where they have to choose a topic their are interested in and write a secondary research paper about it, one of the most painful problems they have was that they found that they do not have enough content to talk about on that topic and they only realize it 2 days before the submission deadline. This caused a lot of stress for not only students but also me.

As I reflect why this problem happened, I think one reason was that, when students pick the topic they are going to write about, they did not see it as a plan for a writing project. Therefore, it is important to make students see that a topic is not simply a topic. It should be an idea that they can later expand on. To help students to visualize the writing topic as a start point of the writing journey, instructors can guide students to do a mind mapping as they choose the topic. Here is a link to the instruction of how to do mind map in the early stage of the writing process.

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