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Opinion Writing
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:23:38 AM »
This activity is meant for students to complete after they have completed the Opinion Reading activity using the article "Opinion: As an actor, my answer to racism is to create, create, create" on Newsela

Now that you have read and discussed Justin Chon's article we are going to complete a quick write activity. For 5 minutes, respond to this prompt: 

Have you ever felt like someone was making fun of you or treating you differently because you were from a different country? If the answer if no, have you ever noticed someone else being treated differently because they are from a different country?

Writing homework:
Justin Chon's solution to racism in Hollywood is to start creating his own material. Do you think this is a good solution? What are other ideas for making Hollywood more inclusive of different types of people? Write at least 300 words. Spelling and grammar count so please check your work!
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