Author Topic: Educational companies offering free trials during the pandemic  (Read 1664 times)

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There are a lot of companies that are offering free use of their various resources during the coronavirus. While these resources will (hopefully, strangely!) not always be free, this could be a good way to test out different resources and see if there's anything you might want to use.

The website is here!

This list is huge and absolutely overwhelming, so here are some resources that stood out to me:

Bamboo Learning seems to offer a bunch of narrated stories and exercises for different levels of English; it's not all ESL specific, but it could provide some multimedia listening comprehension exercises for students!

Nico Languages is offering free online grammar courses up to a 7th-grade level, and it's meant to be ESL friendly. They're making different courses free as time rolls on in quarantine, and they're offering printable grammar handouts that could be useful.

Woodpecker Learning is a site that is designed around using authentic videos to learn languages, and ESL is one of the available. It allows students to rewind videos by sentence to practice their listening skills, as well as create various flashcards.

Just scrolling through this doc for a little introduced me to a ton of websites that I wasn't familiar with, so even after quarantine is over, this might still be a good resource for finding new tools!