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Prefix Problems Anyone?  Here's how to use "Greek and Latin Roots as a 'Root' to better English!

As we all know, sometimes our ESL/EFL students have problems with understanding how to understand and, more importantly, use the correct prefixes with various academic and non-academic words. 

Through studying "Greek and Latin Roots in English" (Prefix, Stem, and Suffix), students should be able to improve their ability to both understand and use prefixes (and stems/suffixes) when writing in English. 

Go here to get more information on the prefixes, stems, and suffixes!

Check this out! It's a great resource for ESL/EFL students as long as the teacher can help guide the students to know which prefixes to focus on because there are a ton!

Prefix Website #1:

Prefix Website #2:

As for teaching students how to actually use these prefixes, here's some interesting information to help students use prefixes correctly:

This website is full of useful lesson plan material for teaching prefixes and suffixes:

Website on Teaching Prefixes and Suffixes:

It has the following lesson plans:
#1 Prefix matching worksheet: Match prefixes to their meaning
#2 Suffix Matching worksheets: Match suffixes to their meaning
#3 Prefix & Suffix multiple choice sentences
#4 Prefix suffix multiple choice word questions
#5 Prefix word association exercise
#6 Prefixes that make opposites and negatives

Through such learning and practice, the students should be better able to both understand and use prefixes (and suffixes).
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