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Title: L2 Reading and Writing Activity
Post by: Mengjia Zeng on April 29, 2021, 11:55:30 AM
I want to share some of my experience in learning L2 reading and writing. While I was learning L2 reading, I was required to do some during-reading activities, like highlighting some unfamiliar words and the unfamiliar grammatical structures. Some reading passages were specifically selected for grammar because those contained a lot of one special type of grammatical structure. Some discussion questions were also posted for further understanding of the passage.
As for the writing, after the passage, students were then required to use the words and the grammar to write around the topic of the passage. So students could have a chance to practice their understanding of the vocabulary and grammar. Also under this situation, students could learn a lot of knowledge from the cultural contexts.
During the writing class, apart from the feedback from teachers, the instructor will also require students to provide feedback to their peers. This opportunity could give students chances to think about their writing in a different way, like with the role of instructor. After giving the feedback, students were better in noticing the usage of various grammatical structures.