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Teaching Commas: Interactive learning
« on: February 07, 2012, 12:59:13 PM »
Teaching children how to use punctuation may be tedious. Some children have trouble sitting for an extended period of time. This game is aimed at kinesthetic and visual learners. The audio learners may benefit from an introductory lecture about the use of commas in sentences.
What you need:
  • a few pieces of paper
  • markers
  • chalkboard/dry erase board
Preparation (about 10 minutes):
  • cut each piece of paper into about 6 even pieces
  • draw a bold comma on each sheet
  • think of sentences that use commas often. (i.e. I went to the store, pharmacy, gym, and library today.)
How to play:
  • Divide the students into 2 teams
  • Write a sentence on the board without commas (i.e. I went to the store pharmacy gym and library today.) (make sure to leave room for the commas!)
  • Pass out a few of the "commas" to each team
  • Give the students about 20 seconds to collaborate amont their teammates
  • Have the "team leader" place the commas on the board in the correct spot (using tape or magnets)
  • If it is correct that team earns a point
  • If it is incorrect the other team gets a chance to correct the sentence and steal the point
  • Regardless of whether the team steals the point or not, their team still gets next sentence/turn
  • Play until one team reaches 10 first