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How to motivate students
« on: April 07, 2014, 12:56:41 AM »
I have been both students and instructors, and it seems like motivating students is essential for both students and instructors.  For students, it is necessary because having high motivation is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of learning. Motivated students are also critical for the instructors because motivated students would be actively participating in classes and asking questions even before or after classes making the instructors to study the materials carefully. As a result, students will a lot more when they are highly motivated.

Therefore, motivating is very significant. However, since most of the students usually start classes with high motivation, it is important not to frustrate them. If they do not get frustrated, it is likely to maintain the intensity and attention for a long time. To do so, the instructor should try to interact with the students. Many instructors fail to do this because they think they are supposed to teach in class the way they were planned. It is right, teaching take places with people, so it is necessary to understand what kind of students are taking classes. After figure out the characteristics of the students, the instructors might slightly or significantly change the plans for the lessons.

If the class is big, it would not be very easy to adjust the classroom atmosphere for everyone. If that is the case, the instructors should balance out with the materials. For example, some of the students might be visual learners, and others might be audio learners. In this situation, both pictures and sounds for the materials will help and satisfy both types of students.

Moreover, if some students are too introverted and do not participate in class so actively, it is good to see them in person after class. Some instructors do not really notice the students who do not participate, but it is very important for them because most of them are just shy, not being a bad students.

Overall, students and teachers interaction is the key. If students just try to learn from the materials from the teachers, and if the teachers only try to teach the students in a limited way, the class is usually boring and not very efficient.

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Re: How to motivate students
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2016, 07:20:15 PM »
I agree 110% with this post. I think that students do come in with high hopes, and I often tell myself that the main goal of teaching is just "don't mess anyone up". That takes a lot of patience and effort, depending on who you are, this comes easily or not at all..
Actually caring is the greatest tool in order to do this. They will pick up on that energy (most of the time *laughs nervously*)